School Council

Council Description

School Councils are a very important in the delivery of quality education and ensures that parents have a voice and a way of getting involved in a child's education. We always look forward in your involvement and attendance to one of our meetings

School Council Members

Chair - Travis McCormick
Vice Chair - Haley Broadbent
Secretary - Hope Mosbeck
Teacher Rep - Melanie Williams
Principal - Shane Beckett
Vice Principal - Pam King
Other Members:
John Sawatsky
John Laplante
Maria Fuhrer
Carly McCormick


Meeting Dates

Tuesday, September 25th @ 6:30

Tuesday, October 2nd @ 6:30

Tuesday, November 27th @ 6:30

Tuesday, January 15th @ 6:30

Tuesday, February 27th @ 6:30

Thursday, April 4th @ 6:30

Council Minutes

 October 2018

November 2018

January 2019

February 2019


Find helpful resources and suggestions for School Councils on the RRDSB School Council page

Ministry of Education Guidelines on School Councils- (PDF)